Control de Carga

Safety, control and integrity of the conversion operations to Vehicular Natural Gas.


Integrate the operations of the Natural Gas Vehicle market

With our system you control the conversion, financing and verification processes
in a single platform; thus, you contribute to ensure the safe and sustained
growth of the Vehicle Natural Gas market.

Why Control de Carga

We are the leading platform. Our Control de Carga is used by 98% of the Vehicular Natural Gas users in Mexico.

Benefits of having Control de Carga

With the platform you can make:

VNG Market Growth

Follow-up of government or private entity incentives that motivate the market to convert vehicles to VNG and / or to purchase new vehicles.


Centralization of the information of the equipment and cylinders that are installed in the vehicles that are being converted, records hydrostatic tests and controls the fulfillment of their periodic verifications.

Financing Control

Reconciliation, collection and payment of collections made by the Service Stations to the different credits granted by the finance companies to the vehicles.

Digital Marketing

Capturing new business opportunities through digital marketing strategies.

Online Chat

Instant sending of messages with different users of the system.

Mobile App

Quick information inquiries and appointment requests for all users of the system, including the end customer!

Integrate your operation with Control de Carga and centralize all your processes!

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