Control de Carga

Safety, control and integrity of Natural Gas Vehicle conversion

Natural Gas Vehicle Market Integration

With our solution, you will be able to control the conversion, financing and verification processes in a single software platform, assuring the safe and sustained growth of the Natural Gas Vehicle market.

Why Load Control

Currently, more than 90% of the Natural Gas Vehicle market use our platform.

Benefits of Load Control

Natural Gas Vehicle Market Growth

You will be able to track incentives granted by the Government or private entities that promote the growth of the Natural Gas Vehicle market.


You will be able to gather information on installed equipment and cylinders, record hydrostatic tests and control compliance with periodic reviews, ensuring safe loading.

Financing Control

Keep a record of conciliations and payment of credits granted by the Gas Stations.

Digital Marketing

Create digital marketing strategies to expand your user network and implement loyalty plans.

Online Chat

Chat with the stakeholders of the system easily.

Mobile App

Review all types of information and generate appointment requests to stakeholders and end users.

Integrate your operation with Load Control and centralize all your processes!

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