Head Office

The perfect solution to manage your network of Fuel Stations!

An All-In-One software solution

Through our Web Application (HeadOffice), you will be able to manage all the business, sales and operational processes of your Gas Stations, such as:

  • Customer loyalty with marketing campaigns.
  • Management of trade agreements with customers with high fuel consumption.

Find out what you can achieve with HeadOffice

Automated Integration

Connect to any station network, ERPs, electronic invoicing, etc.

Centralized Reconciliation

Concile your daily sales and inventories of fuels and baskets.


Manage your trade agreements with high fuel consumption customers (credit, prepaid and cash account)

Mobile App

Manage your Gas Station network on the go.

Centralized Control

Parameterize prices and discounts for your Gas Stations Network.


Build customer loyalty and segment them through marketing campaigns.

Trade Agreements

Tpaga, Tappsi, Giros Ya, Credibanco, Coltanques, among others.

Integrate your operation and centralize all your Gas Station processes with HeadOffice!

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