Back Office

Manage and operate the sales of your Fuel Stations!


Use our Mobile App to sell

BackOffice Gasdata is the mobile App used to operate sales at the Service
Stations. It integrates with suppliers and electronic devices to identify vehicles
and customers. In addition, it carries out billing and sales cuts.

All of these from any mobile device!

Learn about everything you can achieve with BackOffice


Inventory of liquid fuels.

Online Integration

Connection of the pumps to the Internet (IoT).


Dispenser microcontroller with Ethernet and WIFI communication to allow the integration of multiple dispenser protocols, ibutton and RFID reading, printing, storage, etc.


Operation of the sale through an Android mobile device, lower cost, easily acquired and without the need for a local server.

Invoice Printing

Wireless or wired printing of tickets, invoices or sales reports in Fuel Islands.

Sales Control

Sales of liquid fuel, Natural Gas for Vehicles, Liquefied Petroleum Gas and basket in the same system.

Sales without Internet

The app has the ability to solve 71% of offline operations.

Perform Service Station sales operations from your cell phone or any mobile device!

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