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It is a Web Application built for the integration of Gas Station BackOffice systems, centralizing all its sales, business and marketing operations.

It is a mobile app solution built for gas stations to manage and operate their business and sales in an easy and practical way.

It is a Web Application that guarantees safe refueling at gas stations for Natural Gas Vehicles. It has everything Natural Gas providers need for conversion financing and other credits, and also assists with the development of the Natural Gas Vehicle market in any country.

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Why is Gasdata the most widely used technology platform in the Oil & Gas industry?

In this video we show you what is behind the power of Gasdata..

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This is how Gasdata looks like


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We have the endorsement of major international oil companies for being a functional, innovative and high quality software solution.

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We provide full access to our system, optimizing costs for your company.

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We will assist and support you with technical assistance 24 hours a day.

HeadOffice Open

Connect our central HeadOffice system with any BackOffice service.

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